March 5th, 2014

Mark, pondering

Lent 1

In an effort to post more and also remind myself of the measure of time passing, I'm taking the opportunity to post glee! for Lent.

Things that were good about today

1. Pancakes for breakfast, because I missed out yesterday.

2. I got myself a devil's horns headband for my devil costume, and a sparkly top hat for my event this evening.

3. Backlava for dinner.

4. I chatted with my housemate when I got home and it was good. Yay for friendly housemates.

5. People came to the event I hosted and seemed to have a good time.

Things I did well

1. Talked to people at my event, including introducing myself to people. (I am actually good (I think) at small talk.)

2. Went on adventure to get decorations for event.

3. Got up early and wrote some of my assignment.

Things that I am looking forward to about tomorrow.

1. Site visit for class.

2. Awesome lecture.

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