March 6th, 2014

Mark, pondering

Lent 2

Things that were good about today

1. Awesome lecture was awesome.

2. We got to visit the Centre for Cultural Material Conservation labs today. So awesome.

3. Watched episode one of SeaChange with housemate to be. Show!

4. People told me that they heard that my event last night was good.

5. I rode my bike to the CCMC which was nice and also meant I had time to have coffee and a muffin.

Things I did well

1. Manned my stall at the fair and smiled at people.

2. Downloaded readings to take away with me over the weekend.

3. Packed my bag for tomorrow.

Things that I am looking forward to about tomorrow.

1. Port Fairy Folk Festival begins!

2. Spending extended time with my family.

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