March 14th, 2014

Mark, pondering

Lent 8

Things that were good:
1. Caught the last train! I only just made it, had to run from the tram and down the escalators. They were closing the gates as I entered the station.
2. Awesome cocktails at the cocktail party.
3. We had a really interesting discussion about the sorts of things that conservators do and the future of conservation today which lead to
4. There is definitely space within the program for me to pursue really any of the topics that interest me for a PhD.
5. I got chatting to some very interesting people at the cocktail party - offering people tastes of your drink definitely makes friends!

Things I did well:
1. Talked to people at cocktail party.
2. Swam! Glory, that's a long time ago. 16 hours ago, actually.
3. Did some job related things that I had been really putting off.

Things I am looking forward to about tomorrow:
1. Unfucking my habitat.
2. Starting on materials reading.

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