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Sherlock! So much love.
I love the look of it. It reminds me a little of Queer as Folk, I don't even know why. Something about the framing, maybe, or all the cabs. The text messaging thing is great.

I also like how little it is about crazy, nasty serial killers. There's Moriarty, but he's the only "crazy" killer. The taxi driver was borderline, but had understandable motives; could rationalise it. Likewise the Black Lotus deaths make sense in the context of their 'business'. The other deaths are accidental, people getting caught in situations that get out of control.

I've watched some British crime shows that are particularly awful about mental health and trauma and basically implying that people who murder other people do it because they are "mad" and they have been "sent mad" by abuse (usually sexual).

I do get every now and then struck by the rhetorical question: why are there not more non-White characters in this show?

It's not that there aren't non White characters in the show. (Although I'd have like the guy who had a crush on Soo Lin to be played by anyone other than a white guy. Maybe an Indian or Arabic woman. That would have been much more interesting. (Maybe interesting is completely the wrong word.) It would have made the dynamic something that I haven't already seen over and over again.) It is that it seems as though there are no non-White people in these character's lives at all. Other than one of the officers who works with Lestrade (whose name I didn't catch).

Then I looked up wikipedia and discovered that it is close to 70% white. I can't find useful information about Melbourne's demographics. We ask where people were born. Close to 40% of Melbournians were born overseas, but most of them were born in the UK, and of course there are many non-White people who were born here.

It means that I can't compare the diversity of the people Sherlock and John encounter with the diversity evident in my day to day life. I do know that the BBC seems bad at putting people on TV who aren't white guys. QI regularly has only white guys are guests, so the whole show is white guys. That wouldn't happen in Australia because there'd be a woman as a permanent panelist or always a female guest.

So, yeah. It hasn't stopped me really enjoying the show (and using up all my high speed download to get more). But it is kind of distracting sometimes. I keep wanting to recast secondary characters.

I've just started watching Community. No one knows each other yet. Troy and Abed have barely spoken to each other yet! (I have to wait til Tuesday to get more episodes.)

Also continuing my rewatch of The West Wing. Just watched The Falls Gonna Kill You. Had to check to make sure that there was CJ/Abbey fic somewhere because ♥

Books I have read so far this year:
Italian Renaissance Art by Laurie Schneider Adams. Good overview of everything, but the writing wasn't great.
The Kingdom of Gods by N K Jemisin. OMG! ♥ everyone!
Payback by Margaret Atwood. This was very well written and interesting.

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