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I love this show.
I got stuck towards the end of episode two decided to just skip it. I have now watched up to the middle of season three in four days.

It is so clever and funny and I rarely have to skip bits that trip my embarrassment squick. And even when I do it turns out that I didn't have to because they don't do the fall out.

I did not expect to love it so much. I have enjoyed a lot of Community fic and there seemed to be interesting things that one could do with the dynamics, but I got a similar vibe of excitement from Glee, and I've loved a lot of SGA fic, too.

I particularly love Abed and Shirley. I also love Britta and Annie's friendship.

I knew that my part of fandom particularly liked Troy/Abed, but I didn't quite realise that it was because Troy is in love with Abed. I am halfway two thirds of the way through season three and I have been warned about season four.

Also, Danny Pudi is adorable.

♥ ♥ ♥

I am also trying to write my honours thesis and a semi-application for an internship at the National Gallery.

Also, my brother's dog ran away from me at the park today. I was so angry with him.

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