secret welfare poet (secondsilk) wrote,
secret welfare poet

Lent 10

Doing things way too late, as is my way. I hope that this will change this week.

Things that were good about Saturday:
1. Went to friend's housewarming and it was good.
2. When I got home I got to join my housemate and housemate to be and housemate to be's girlfriend (these people will get nicknames, I guess) curled up on housemate's bed while we waited for the power to come back on.
3. I got all the awesomeness of being out while it was raining and very little of being rained on.
4. Slept in.
5. I did my volunteer shift at the gallery and it was pleasant. I also got to have a couple of conversation with people that were pleasant.

Things I did well:
1. Went to housewarming party.
2. Talked to people at Gallery shift.
3. Ate enough food.

Things I am/was looking forward to about today:
1. More sleeping in.
2. Finally cooking the food that's been in the fridge for more than a week.

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