secret welfare poet (secondsilk) wrote,
secret welfare poet

Second Sunday in (of?) Lent

Things that were good:
1. There was a good price on avocados at the fruit market in the plaza. I didn't know there was a fruit market in the plaza at all. I only went into the fruit shop because I had forgotten lemons, and I was only in the plaza (rather than the "marketplace") because I remembered that it had the slightly closer supermarket.
2. My usual fruit market was still open when I got myself out to go the shops.
3. I've been catching up on the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. They are really good.
4. More sleep.
5. The dogs sat with me on the couch while watched the news.

Things I did well:
1. I started my assignment for subject one. I feel really pleased with myself.
2. Did not play candy crush saga.
3. Left the house and did food and chore type things around the house.

Things I'm looking forward to:
1. I have strawberries marinating in the fridge.
2. Catching up with friend for malt thick-shake things.

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Tags: glee!
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