secret welfare poet (secondsilk) wrote,
secret welfare poet

Lent 11

Things that were good:

1. Caught up with Sam. That was fun.
2. Watched more Daily Show and Colbert, including Rachel Maddow on the Daily Show.
3. Nice weather.
4. I made myself lunch and it turned out good.
5. I bought my plane ticket for Indonesia! I am going to Indonesia in June for a friend's wedding. I now have tickets!

Things I did well:

1. Went to the travel agent.
2. Downloaded lots of potential sources for my essay.
3. Did not play Candy Crush Saga.

Things I'm looking forward to about tomorrow:

1. I get extra money for the start of semester tomorrow, which will make everything just a little bit more relaxed.
2. I have to buy and do art stuff tomorrow in preparation for Wednesday's day at the studio.

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Tags: glee!, i am a student, i am an artist
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